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the life of Pinky and Brain

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Saku/Stephi [23] & Ela [22] are two german girls who got to know each other in 2006 when Ela entered the 'high school' where Saku was and got a member of her huge clique due to a friend of both. After many funny hours, school breaks, free periods and driving school spending together and also after a lot of overlapped difficulties both of them got closer and became best friends in 2010 [they also do the same job now xD to sum it up: they are like siamese twins, thinking, speaking and doing the same... just like soulmates... or 'Pinky and Brain' x'D]. Since then they spend nearly every weekend together watching doramas or listening/watching KAT-TUN-related stuff or other Johnny's bands'/popular K-Pop bands' stuff. They also began a recording project of KAT-TUN songs sung by themselves [fortunately they got to know a similar project for all KAT-TUN fans to participate :D].
Due to their addiction to english KAT-TUN fanfictions [esp. those of akamesuki x3] and also to get more infos and subbed vids of KAT-TUN they registered at LJ together. And this all lead to another new project of them: a KAT-TUN RPG [roleplay game] which shall be released as fanfiction later here on LJ.
More about their adorable and sometimes confusing stupidness [and plans] are visible in their blog, so feel free to stalk them ;3
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~
doramas, j-/k-music [fav: kat-tun/jin akanishi], rpg, spreading our bakaness :3

Social capital

  • less than 10